Convergence of outcome between HIV-positivity and D deficiency

“Vitamin D deficiency was associated with pulmonary tuberculosis, incident oral thrush, wasting and weight loss of more than 10% among adults with HIV receiving antiretroviral therapy, recent data suggest.”

The above ailments are all AIDS-defining illnesses.

Sudfeld: “If randomized controlled trials determine that vitamin D supplementation is safe and effective in reducing mortality, pulmonary TB or other morbidities, we may have an additional, low-cost adjunct treatment to add to our toolkit for improving survival and/or quality of live for people with HIV starting ART.”

I would hedge that there would be quite a number of people who wouldn’t need anti-retrovirals when taking vitamin D. But they may need some other interventions pertinent to their health risks.

“Sixty adults experienced wasting, and those with a vitamin D deficiency had an HR of 3.1 for wasting compared with those who were vitamin D sufficient. Lastly, adults with vitamin D deficiency were 2.1 times more likely to experience weight loss of 10% or more compared with those who had vitamin D sufficiency.”

My support of counter hypotheses to HIV/AIDS theory is showing signs of bearing fruit. Read my book.

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