…5 yrs later

Another year and more cobwebs to clear away. There are two reasons for writing today.

The first is noticing signs of an embargo on vitamin D products of 5000 IU and over into the UK. I had been aware of this happening in other countries because of the ‘medicinal’ status of high doses (absurd), but had no problems with ordering from the US directly or indirectly until recently.

Interestingly, the UK’s GreenVits (I am familiar with its founder) seems to be able to sell the US high doses I had bought, but I’m not sure for how long. Very few other local companies sell D3 at meaningful, cost-effective and convenient doses. I’m not sure how this ruling can overturned and it’s likely a mix of import and export restrictions, but it demonstrates a new barrier on something that’s very hard to achieve toxicity from and essential for health.

The other reason I’m writing is, in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the book, Prescribing Sunshine will no longer be a Kindle eBook exclusive. You will soon be able to find it directly on prescsun.com and from other competing eBook outlets. This is a small attempt to get a wider audience, though the paperback itself will still be Amazon-only.

The book itself has not been updated (so there will be no fanfare other than a slightly modified site). Maybe that can be saved for a 10th anniversary?


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