Does this add support to the alternate AIDS hypothesis?

Many thanks to Henry Lahore of the fabulous resource Vitamin D Wiki for referring me to a new review article on the interactions of low vitamin D in HIV infection, here.

If you’re wondering what the alternate AIDS hypothesis is and how it could align, read my book.


Nitric oxide via sun exposure for blood pressure regulation

“Production of the pressure-reducing compound, nitric oxide, is separate from the body’s manufacture of vitamin D, which rises after exposure to sunshine.”

Proof that, where possible, your vitamin D should mostly be coming from UV exposure because you would be getting more than vitamin D, along with other benefits.

Perhaps, though, a manufacturer could up with a vitamin D + nitric oxide supplement?

Macular degeneration and vitamin D

Does macular degeneration run in your family? You might be pleased to hear that high vitamin D appears to stop the disease in its tracks, most particularly so in some.

“Among women with inadequate ([25(OH)D]<30 nmol/L) or adequate ([25(OH)D]>75 nmol/L) vitamin D status, the presence of  two risk alleles was associated with an increased odds of AMD. However, these odds were attenuated in those with adequate vitamin D status (OR = 4.30 and OR = 1.56, respectively).

For noncarriers and women with one risk allele, the odds of AMD was lower in those with [25(OH)D]>75 (OR = 0.82 and OR = 0.89,respectively).

But in those with two risk alleles, the greatest effect for vitamin D was observed, Dr. Millen said. Having [25(OH)D]>75 lowered the odds for (OR = 1.56), as compared with those with 25(OH)D]<30.

“These data will need to be replicated,” Dr. Millen said.” [Ophthalmology Times]