Nitric oxide via sun exposure for blood pressure regulation

“Production of the pressure-reducing compound, nitric oxide, is separate from the body’s manufacture of vitamin D, which rises after exposure to sunshine.”

Proof that, where possible, your vitamin D should mostly be coming from UV exposure because you would be getting more than vitamin D, along with other benefits.

Perhaps, though, a manufacturer could up with a vitamin D + nitric oxide supplement?

Macular degeneration and vitamin D

Does macular degeneration run in your family? You might be pleased to hear that high vitamin D appears to stop the disease in its tracks, most particularly so in some.

“Among women with inadequate ([25(OH)D]<30 nmol/L) or adequate ([25(OH)D]>75 nmol/L) vitamin D status, the presence of  two risk alleles was associated with an increased odds of AMD. However, these odds were attenuated in those with adequate vitamin D status (OR = 4.30 and OR = 1.56, respectively).

For noncarriers and women with one risk allele, the odds of AMD was lower in those with [25(OH)D]>75 (OR = 0.82 and OR = 0.89,respectively).

But in those with two risk alleles, the greatest effect for vitamin D was observed, Dr. Millen said. Having [25(OH)D]>75 lowered the odds for (OR = 1.56), as compared with those with 25(OH)D]<30.

“These data will need to be replicated,” Dr. Millen said.” [Ophthalmology Times]