Salt is born of the purest parents: the Sun and the Sea – Pythagoras

Plug time, but not from anything by me.

I was recently alerted to a book (partly by the author himself) called The Salt Fix by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, which challenges salt as a cause of ill health and convincingly promotes it as a misunderstood savoury saviour.

Anyone who enjoyed Prescribing Sunshine will find this book to be money and time well spent, and I think it functions as a valid unofficial follow-up to mine! We came about in part thanks to the sun, but our earliest ancestors came from the salty sea and we have mechanisms that want to retain those benefits on land.

If the cholesterol hypothesis is assuredly bankrupt and refined sugar is due to stand trial, it makes sense that natural salt deserves reappraisal, and the holes that DiNicolantonio finds in the pro-salt literature, combined with sound logic, makes it all a convincing thesis.

The part that most alarmed me is how salt restriction may in fact play a causative role in high blood pressure while being touted as a preventive.

I don’t want to spoil reading of this new book. I seriously recommend buying it from your favourite bookstore and then adding more salt to your next supermarket basket.


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