Denting the cholesterol hypothesis

A BMJ piece from yesterday, that is pertinent to one large chapter of my book, shows that ‘cholesterol denialism’ seems to be edging into the mainstream.

“…The findings argue against the “saturated fat bad, omega 6 PUFA good” dogma and suggest that the American Heart Association guidelines on omega-6 PUFAs may be misguided. They also “underscore the need to properly align dietary advice and recommendations with the scientific evidence base.”

Another marvellous line in this article, in regards to science as whole, is: 

“We are also asking researchers to tell us about any other documented examples of missing data, to build a picture of the full extent of the problem which is undermining evidence based medicine worldwide.”

Missing data is not always the problem. There’s plenty of glaring data that is simply ignored.

“This means doctors cannot be certain that the drugs they are prescribing daily are properly evaluated for safety and efficacy.”

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