AIDS and bone diseases

There are a number of cases of people developing bone disorders in connection with AIDS, but here’s a recent one courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle:

“And I had this incident 10 years ago where I had a bone fracture in my wrist, and they went through five operations and they couldn’t fix it, the bones were too brittle. The brittle bone thing, that wasn’t supposed to happen to people my age. That’s very advanced. And I had this curvature of my spine, again, too early.”

“I was diagnosed with HIV in ’88. They put me on AZT and I had some trouble – AZT was very, very tough stuff to take, and they were giving us very large doses back then. But I went on everything that was available. Any scientific options, choices, risks, trials – I was there.”

In my book I have divorced HIV from AIDS with a unique co-hypothesis. Before you open your mouth in horror, read it maybe?


Sounds familiar…

Do me a favour, read this Telegraph article and then read it again after having mentally find and replaced the following words:

Small minority of ME sufferers (protesters) = Majority HIV/AIDS orthodoxy
Psychological = Multi-factorial

“Sometimes the most important scientific findings are not those that prove something, but those that disprove something.”

HIV Anomalies, #2

Mike Hersee (founder of HEAL London, and a gentleman who I had the pleasure of meeting briefly on a couple of occasions) had receptive, unprotected, anal sex with his late ex-boyfriend Cornelius Abraham no less than 70 times after the latter was diagnosed as HIV+. However, Mike has never tested positive on a number of tests.

Cornelius died of ‘AIDS’, a label that glossed over the fact that this young black man had chronic physical and psychological problems since childhood. If HIV is infectious and causes AIDS, why is Mike healthy and HIV-negative?

Mike and Cornelius’s story is being made into an independent film helmed by Nicole Zwiren. Find out more here.

Cholesterol denialism

Today’s shot of common sense comes from Prof. Tom Noakes via Independent Online (Zimbabwe)

“It is time to admit that the [lipid hypothesis] has failed. We need to adopt an open mind if we are ever to discover the real cause [or causes] of the current global epidemic of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease, all of which are likely caused by the same factors.”

Noakes, I’m in full agreement with you.

Here’s other selections from the article.

In 1900 when most Americans cooked in lard and ate a diet full of butter and dairy produce, pork and saturated fat in meat (but low in sugar and processed foods), heart disease was so rare that their most famous cardiologist, Dr Paul Dudley White, encountered his first case only in the 1920s (although the disease has since been described in grain-eating Egyptian mummies). Today in a nation that has replaced animal fats and dairy with “healthy” carbohydrates, heart disease, like obesity and diabetes, is rampant.

The first shock to [the lipid hypothesis] came in a meta-analysis in 2000 when Mike Pignone et al showed that although statin tablets reduced heart attacks they did not cut overall mortality. So you might not die of a heart attack, but you wouldn’t live any longer.

The second shock was when Jeppeson et al showed in 2001 that half of all heart attacks happen to people with normal cholesterol.

In my book I point out that there’s absolutely no correlation between cholesterol and heart and disease.

The answer came initially from a study by Paul Ridker in 1998 showing that men with inflammation in their arteries were at much higher risk of heart attacks than other men.

Yes! Yes, bullseye!

But if inflammation was causing heart attacks, why were statin tablets that lowered cholesterol so useful?

I know why…

Cholesterol denialism, yes please! The various cardiologists are trying to compare Aids with cholesterol which is likely to confuse the public further. Cholesterol is an important chemical made by the body which performs various important roles such as a precursor to oestrogen and testosterone. We don’t need Aids but certainly need cholesterol.

If ‘various cardiologists’ are trying to compared AIDS with cholesterol, well, B.S. with B.S. is perhaps fair enough.

Radical vitamin D book now available as print-on-demand paperback

6 weeks ago Prescribing Sunshine… premiered in eBook form. I am now happy to announce that a print-on-demand (that is, a unique copy is printed for you upon ordering) edition is available exclusively through Amazon Intl.

The 250 page paperback contains exactly the same content as the eBook version, but for those of you who have held out on the digital revolution, or simply just like a tangible copy, there is now no excuse to withhold purchasing.

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More support for GRID theory

As well as strong support for Tony Lance’s gay-related intestinal dysbiosis (GRID) theory of AIDS in my book, we have some more information today that strengthens this well thought opinion. Read his theory and see where the excerpts below fit in for yourself.

“The presence of intestinal bacteria in blood (bacterial translocation) is associated with more severe liver disease in people who are co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C virus, Spanish investigators report in the online edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.”

“…Infection with HIV has also been associated with bacterial translocation.”

“Intestinal bacteria were detectable in the blood of 96% of co-infected participants compared to 7% of controls (p < 0.001).”

“Moreover, co-infected participants with a CD4 cell count below 350 cells/mm3 had significantly higher levels of bacteria in their blood than those with CD4 cell counts above this level (157 vs 112 copies/ml, p = 0.03).”

“HIV/hepatitis C virus-co-infected patients had higher plasma levels of bacterial DNA than healthy controls,” write the investigators. “Patients with CD4 cell counts < 350 cells/mm3 had higher plasma bacterial DNA than those with CD4 cell counts above 350 cells/mm3.”

Heightened Diabetes risk in blacks and Asians

Today BBC News reported “British people of South Asian, African or African Caribbean descent are significantly more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than their European counterparts, researchers have warned.”

This surely must emphasise that vitamin D might play a role here. A lot of illnesses present racial disparities and I don’t think we can just rest on the excuses of healthcare inequalities – because there aren’t really any in Britain – and racial susceptibility without co-factors.

As a side note, consider helping out the Vitamin D Council here.