…5 yrs later

Another year and more cobwebs to clear away. There are two reasons for writing today.

The first is noticing signs of an embargo on vitamin D products of 5000 IU and over into the UK. I had been aware of this happening in other countries because of the ‘medicinal’ status of high doses (absurd), but had no problems with ordering from the US directly or indirectly until recently.

Interestingly, the UK’s GreenVits (I am familiar with its founder) seems to be able to sell the US high doses I had bought, but I’m not sure for how long. Very few other local companies sell D3 at meaningful, cost-effective and convenient doses. I’m not sure how this ruling can overturned and it’s likely a mix of import and export restrictions, but it demonstrates a new barrier on something that’s very hard to achieve toxicity from and essential for health.

The other reason I’m writing is, in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the book, Prescribing Sunshine will no longer be a Kindle eBook exclusive. You will soon be able to find it directly on prescsun.com and from other competing eBook outlets. This is a small attempt to get a wider audience, though the paperback itself will still be Amazon-only.

The book itself has not been updated (so there will be no fanfare other than a slightly modified site). Maybe that can be saved for a 10th anniversary?


Radical vitamin D book now available as print-on-demand paperback

6 weeks ago Prescribing Sunshine… premiered in eBook form. I am now happy to announce that a print-on-demand (that is, a unique copy is printed for you upon ordering) edition is available exclusively through Amazon Intl.

The 250 page paperback contains exactly the same content as the eBook version, but for those of you who have held out on the digital revolution, or simply just like a tangible copy, there is now no excuse to withhold purchasing.

Click the links below and make your purchase:

Amazon US $7.99 | UK £6.99 | Germany, France, Spain, Italy €8.34


Precribing Sunshine eBook on sale now! + Watch ‘Positively False’

After 2 years and 7 months, Prescribing Sunshine: Why vitamin D should be flying off shelves is finally premièring, in eBook form, on the Amazon Kindle, Kobo and as a multi-format download. Other digital editions will appear shortly. Please sign up to the mailing list for announcements of these. A paperback should be available before year end.

The book is a concise read featuring over 300 references.

Why should you buy the book? While there are at least a dozen titles on the subject, virtually none of them are written by non-American authors, fewer still are written from the perspective of a patient; and – crucially – none of them dare to probe the probe deeper implications of vitamin D science. There is also no repetition here. It might be slim but it hammers the central message in hard.

The book features exclusive interviews with vitamin D experts Oliver Gillie, Dr. David Grimes (author of Vitamin D & Cholesterol: The importance of the sun), Prof. Bruce Hollis (one of the most respected scientists in the field of vitamin D), and award-winning medical tele-journalist Joan Shenton.

Speaking of Joan Shenton, late last year she premièred her first full-length film, Positively False: Birth of a Heresy, which collates over a quarter of a century of personal archive footage demonstrating why HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS; at the very least not exclusively. The film can now be rented online or purchased for a reasonable fee via this link.

You might be wondering what HIV scepticism (or the misnomer ‘AIDS denialism’) has to do with vitamin D deficiency. Well, there is a worthy connection between both which is convincingly detailed in Prescribing Sunshine... The book is currently available for a miniscule £1.99, $2.99 or €2.68, so if you’ve got a few more dollars, euros or pounds to spare, you might want to check out this 64min documentary to fully understand why HIV scepticism is a legitimate scientific concern beyond the realm of quackery. There doesn’t appear to be much disagreement as to vitamin D being useful to HIV/AIDS patients, the dispute lies in the actual way in which it can be useful.

Now that the book has debuted, this long-inactive blog will now become more busy as a promotional tool and as a means of addressing any information in the book that may become obsolete over the years.

I look forward to posting here and hope that via the comments I can have interesting – friendly or antagonistic – discussions with anyone interested in the subject and related issues.

Also, please: If you like Prescribing Sunshine… and Positively False… please spread the word about them as they are both independent releases that require your support.