Poverty or lack of D to blame for illnesses?

[A] study commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Scotland and the Scottish Government claims the country’s inhabitants do get healthy levels of sunlight.

…The researchers said their findings indicated that average blood levels of vitamin D in adults living in Scotland are safely above the level thought to be beneficial.

According to the researchers, the study gives added credence to other documented links between vitamin D levels and wealth, with those from deprived areas and with the lowest incomes exhibiting lower levels of the vitamin.

While it is true that the wealthy can have better access to foods with more vitamin D and are able to take holidays to sunny countries quite frequently, vitamin D as a supplement is surprisingly cheap to even out this disparity.

I do not believe, however, that the Scottish as a whole get usable sun even though their skin colour is adapted for less sunshine. The definition of adequate levels must certainly be poor. Rich people can get illnesses treated better and faster than the poor, off-NHS, but they are not totally immune from the diseases that affect the impoverished.

[Source: Herald Scotland]


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