Vitamin D or Tamoxifen to prevent Breast Cancer ?


This is a slightly edited version of a personal message to me from Professor Cedric Garland about the NICE & NHS decision to offer Tamoxifen or Raloxifene to UK women who may have a higher than average risk of Breast Cancer:

“This is a great example of an organization selecting the a completely wrong solution to a problem.

It must be this approach that the big breast cancer organizations have in mind when they mention eradication of breast cancer by 2020.

This is probably driven mainly by Big Pharma who stand to make billions from patented drugs that people have to take every day to prevent a disease, even if they cause other diseases. If their aproach is used, it will be an empty promise by 2020 or any year.

If anyone could send me any citations they may have seen touting the efficacy of Tamoxifen or Raloxifene in preventing…

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