HIV Anomalies #4

Yesterday, BBC News reported that “HIV can be traced back millions rather than tens of thousands of years”

“A genetic study shows HIV-like viruses arose in African monkeys and apes 5 million to 12 million years ago.”

Well, there’s a bit of a problem there, then. Monkeys and apes don’t practice safe sex so these animals should’ve procreated themselves out of existence by now. There is no AIDS epidemic in apes and monkeys – do you ever hear of it?

“The disease emerged during the 20th century after a HIV-like virus jumped from chimps to humans.”

As HIV is not an airborne virus – which is quite strange for a virus that has allegedly mutated at evolution-busting speeds – the ‘jump’ inferred is that some or one African had sex with a chimp. There is no evidence for this basis and it is in fact probably steeped in racism.

As we are descendants of apes and monkeys, it has rightly been postulated that HIV (as well as SIV specifically for them) could cause in AIDS in both.

…Let me remind you of a story from September last year that reported on freed HIV-infected chimps.

‘Some chimpanzees were infected with the HIV virus. Of course, they became HIV positive. But none of them, not here in Austria or anywhere else in the world, developed full-blown Aids. Therefore, the programme was useless. It achieved absolutely nothing.’

If HIV is very old, why did AIDS suddenly, conveniently, become a Western epidemic just 10yrs after the end of the Vietnam War (when veterans returned home as drug addicts and magnetised dealers) and the start of gay liberation?

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