Even more support for (GR)ID theory of AIDS

An article in The Atlantic jumped out at me today. But you won’t understand why I’m enthusiastic about it unless you’ve treated yourself to a copy of my book (hint hint: it’s holiday season).

Study: Infant Formula Causes Cell Death Where Breast Milk Does Not

“UC San Diego bioengineers mixed intestinal fluids in petri dishes with fresh human breast milk and nine different infant formulas. After each type of milk had been “digested,” they tested for levels of free fatty acids, which have been shown in adult stomachs to damage cell membranes. To see whether this was applicable to NEC, they also tested whether the free fatty acids were capable of killing three types of cells implicated in the disease.”

“Breast milk is able to significantly reduce cell death, while formula may lead to the development of NEC in infants.”

Everyone knows that with a mother who has HIV/AIDS it’s a bad idea for her to breastfeed her child, right? Well, in a jaw-dropping U-turn that hasn’t been echoed much by the media, it appears that such mothers should exclusively breastfeed for at least a number of months… Even though we’ve long been told that breastfeeding transmits HIV.
To believe in the HIV/AIDS theory and believe that breast milk is also beneficial is to suffer from cognitive dissonance. Something else accounts for AIDS and it’s not HIV. The evidence is ever-mounting.

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