‘AIDS denialism’ documentary screening cancelled

PinkNews reports that The University of Brighton has cancelled the screening of a film which claims the HIV virus does not cause AIDS after a student backlash.

“The documentary, House of Numbers, has been dismissed by academics and health experts worldwide as AIDS denialist propaganda.”

The first error this and many other articles make is to frame HIV scepticism as AIDS denialism. House of Numbers is not an AIDS denialist film. It is a film that questions the existence and pathogenicity of HIV as the sole cause of AIDS-defining illnesses. You can believe in AIDS without believing in HIV. There is nothing abhorrent about questioning.

“A person with AIDS has an immune system so weakened by HIV that the person usually becomes sick from one of several opportunistic infections or cancers.”

I will repeat. HIV is either not an exclusive cause of AIDS or is not one of the causes at all. Immune system dysfunction (AIDS) is not disputed by erroneously labelled AIDS denialists.

From glancing at the comments, however, it is apparent that the man (Dr. Karl Cox [non-MD]) who wished to present the film backed down because he did not wish for a followed-discussion with members of the Terrence Higgins Trust. He may have wanted a quiet screening, but I wish Dr. Cox engaged in the debate. Argument is good.

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