40% of Pakistanis have bone-related diseases

Geo TV reports an alarming but unsurprising percentage of orthopaedic problems in the Pakistani population.

“[Prof Mahar]…said that disability ratio was increasing mainly due to traffic mishaps and marriages among cousins. He said that people should avoid marriage with first blood relation and should be very careful while driving and crossing roads.”

Because traffic in many parts of Pakistan are quite disorganised, it’s not surprising that injury can be seen as a major attributer. Marriage among first blood relations, running contrary to Darwinian theory, would likely create problems in the vitamin D system.

While the first bold paragraph of the article mentions vitamin D and calcium, it stops there. I would hedge that for a 40% estimation to be true you cannot rely on injury or intermarriage being major contributors.
Pakistanis are brown and by and large Muslim. Though they live in a sun-blessed country, a highly conservative attitude to sun exposure and lack of fish in the diet is the best explanation.

What’s more worrying though is I would bet that the level used to define deficiency is outdated. Well over 90% of Pakistanis could be vitamin D deficient. We could extrapolate this to India and countries in the Middle East.

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