Be wary of National HIV Testing Week – in support of AIDS ‘denialism’

23-30 November is National HIV Testing Week, and for the first time it will be observed in England courtesy of the Terrence Higgins Trust.

The aim of this week is for consistent risk groups to come and get tested; that is gay men and Africans. However, given the fact that HIV-positivity doesn’t always progress to AIDS even without medication, that it doesn’t behave like a true infection by having remained within a cohort for 30 years, and that there are other holes in the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, I am asking such people (and even drug addicts) to consider refraining from testing. While I do not doubt that chronic HIV-positivity can indeed signify a health problem, questions remain as to whether HIV really does cause AIDS; and resultantly the medication given can equally do inappropriate harm as well as good.
My book features an extensive chapter on what the myriad causes of AIDS may be, plus a summation of HIV/AIDS hypothesis refutations. The role I adopt is that of HIV sceptic; I am not an AIDS denialist. In fact, most AIDS denialists are simply HIV sceptics.

December 1 is World AIDS Day, and perhaps you might consider some subterfuge: buy a strip of red ribbon, fashion a cut into a loop and wear it upside down. Most might think you’ve erred in pinning it; someone, though, might question what you’ve done and this can initiate argument.

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