Book follow-up: Improved bone density

This morning I received a verbal result for my latest bone mineral density scan (the reason for this procedure and previous results being outlined in my book), and I’m pleased to say that a lower dose of vitamin D3 (a little over 5000 IU daily) than previously did not result in a BMD decrease. In fact I actually gained a little more density even though I have never presented cause for concern. I don’t have exact figures as I wasn’t given a printout, and at this point I’m not even bothered with requesting them.

I required quite a lot of vitamin D when I first began my repletion journey but now 4-5000 IU daily is probably all I’ll ever need. That will sustain the inner fortress that I built!

To celebrate, for one day only, the Kindle edition of my book will be free to download from midnight tomorrow (17 Nov. 2012). The book doesn’t cost much anyway and is worth the admission fee, so if you miss out, help out an independent author and help yourself in the process.

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