I’ve got a 2-piece puzzle for you; put them together and decide for yourself what picture emerges:

Piece 1: Latino’s proven to be more Vitamin D deficient than other races

“…Dr. Mangoo showed that 90 percent of Hispanics were Vitamin D deficient compared to 50 percent of Caucasians.”

Piece 2: Today is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

“The rates of new infections among Latino men were more than double that of white men. The rate of HIV infection among Latino women was nearly four times that of white women.”

Just to make the puzzle more stimulating, let’s add in a third piece. How about a AIDS-defining illness that affects Latinos commonly?

“In 2010, 11,182 TB cases were reported to CDC from the 50 states and the District of Columbia. That same year, as in previous years, Hispanics or Latinos exceeded all other racial or ethnic groups with the largest percentage (29%) of total number of reported TB cases in the United States. Overall, 84% of all reported TB cases occurred in racial and ethnic minorities in 2010.” 

British Asians like myself have a high risk of acquiring TB, but due to positive discrimination – that is, due to perceived stereotypical notions of Asians being less likely to be promiscuous and use drugs etc. – it is more likely to be blamed on anything but HIV.

“These results indicate that a vegetarian diet is an independent risk factor for tuberculosis in immigrant Asians. The mechanism is unexplained. However, vitamin D deficiency, common among vegetarian Asians in south London, is known to affect immunological competence. Decreased immunocompetence associated with a vegetarian diet might result in increased mycobacterial reactivation among Asians from the Indian subcontinent.

When the outcomes of vitamin D deficiency and HIV-positivity overlap, some serious questions arise.

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