Testing by force

The New York Post had an interesting article today.

“A Harlem woman who didn’t want to know whether she had HIV is suing the Brooklyn doctor who tested her anyway in 2011 and learned she was infected, thus boosting her chances for survival.”

You read that paragraph and you think ‘that woman’s absurd’. However, everyone has the right to refuse medical testing and/or treatment.

When I read further, this paragraph stood out to me:

“The woman had first been referred to Yutsis’ Lifex Medical Care offices in Sheepshead Bay last year, when she suffered a Vitamin B12 deficiency after gastric-bypass surgery.”

If you read my book you’ll learn about intestinal dysbiosis, HIV-positivity and AIDS. This all seems linked. Some vitamin B12 deficiency conditions are AIDS-defining conditions.

“She also told [Dr.] Yutsis her surgeon had warned that she might experience vitamin deficiencies after her operation, the suit said.”

So, the woman had been told to expect multiple vitamin deficiencies and yet was still cajoled into a non-specific test that was likely to simply re-confirm this indirectly.

A few years ago the CDC of America quietly removed HIV from the list of communicable diseases of public health significance. This should have been headline news:

“The CDC determined that while HIV infection is a serious health condition, it is not a communicable disease that is a significant public health risk for introduction, transmission, and spread through casual contact.”

…So, why is it such a risk in sub-Saharan Africa then? As I said before, in believing the classic HIV/AIDS hypothesis you believe that all Africans are reckless and highly promiscuous. I don’t believe that one bit. Something else is wrong in Africa. Vitamin D plays a story in AIDS but probably not with HIV.

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