HIV Anomalies, #1

Just for fun, every now and then I’m going to post short posts titled HIV Anomalies, where I present cases that dumbfound orthodoxy. Feel free to comment on them or even give me a good explanation for them. Here’s the first.

In 1981, Elizabeth Glaser, the late wife of actor/director Paul Michael Glaser, contracted HIV from a contaminated blood transfusion while giving birth. But it wasn’t until 1985 when she learned of her status when the daughter she gave birth to became ill with what was described as AIDS – from infection due to breastfeeding. In the time between alleged infection and diagnosis, the Glaser’s had another child who was also diagnosed HIV+. However, Paul Michael Glaser apparently did not become HIV+. How did he fortunately escape this when it is believed that HIV can be transmitted sexually?

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