Causes or doesn’t cause heart disease, that is the question

Interesting article in The Telegraph today, here’s a couple of snippets.

“Essentially cholesterol is there to help repair damage,” says Dr Malcolm Kendrick, a Scottish GP and author of The Great Cholesterol Con. “It’s a bit like blaming firemen for causing fires, because they are there when fires break out.”

I would agree with that. I would even add that it’s there to prevent damage.

“Apparent contradictions in the evidence are not what they seem,” says Prof Baigent, a Medical Research Council scientist based at Oxford University. “For example, when people get sick, their livers make less cholesterol, so in some older people low cholesterol is a sign of illness that may increase their risk of death. Yet we also know that lowering cholesterol prevents heart disease in older people. Both observations are entirely consistent with cholesterol being a cause of heart disease.”

Half-correct. Sick people can make less cholesterol and this I’m certain will make them sicker. However, cholesterol-lowering drugs do not only lower cholesterol, so the idea that the cholesterol hypothesis is untouchable is frankly rubbish. Why? Read my book. I dare you to prove me wrong.

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