HIV/AIDS rising in black American women

2 days ago Forbes reported that HIV/AIDS Rates Rocket for Black U.S. Women. One paragraph of note is:

“…the rate of new HIV infections among black women was 15 times that of white women and over three times the rate among Hispanic/Latina women.”

If you believe in the classic AIDS hypothesis you essentially acknowledge that – ignoring possible blood transfusions –  black women are commonly highly promiscuous and perhaps share dirty needles when using drugs more often than women lighter than them in a colour gradient. Essentially, you would be racist. You think morality increases with paleness.

If, however, you believe that there is another reason for the racial disparity; say, for instance, that environmental factors play a factor in susceptibility to illness, you may be attracted by an explanation propounded in my radical book Prescribing Sunshine… Not only that, it seems that you’re willing to brush aside sweeping generalisations of racial behaviour.

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